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EIP-712 implementation does not follow latest standard

The EIP-712 implementation in the contracts does not follow the latest standard, which was updated after EIP-5267. The EIP-5267 complements EIP-712 by standardizing how contracts should publish the fields and values that describe their domain. This enables applications to retrieve this description and generate appropriate domain separators in a general way and thus integrate EIP-712 signatures securely and scalably.

It does that through the addition of the eip712Domain function:

function eip712Domain()
    returns (
        bytes1 fields,
        string memory name,
        string memory version,
        uint256 chainId,
        address verifyingContract,
        bytes32 salt,
        uint256[] memory extensions
    return (
        hex"0f", // 01111
        new uint256[](0)

For more information, see the latest EIP-712 implementation example here.

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