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Function: _deposit(uint256 assets, address receiver)

This pays off debt.


  • assets

    • Control: Full.

    • Constraints: None.

    • Impact: Amount of assets.

  • receiver

    • Control: Full.

    • Constraints: None.

    • Impact: Whose debt to payoff.

Branches and code coverage (including function calls)

Intended branches

  • Debt is paid off.

  • User can borrow again.

Negative behavior

  • Zero check.

Function call analysis

  • _deposit -> asset.safeTransferFromWithAmount(msg.sender, credit, assets)

    • What is controllable? assets (checks).

    • If return value controllable, how is it used and how can it go wrong? Amount transferred.

    • What happens if it reverts, reenters, or does other unusual control flow? N/A.

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