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Anzen Group Ltd.
May 21, 2024
Anzen Finance
Prepared by
Jinseo KimEngineer[email protected]
Seunghyeon KimEngineer[email protected]

Anzen Group Ltd. contributed the following description of Anzen Finance:

USDz is the stablecoin created by Anzen. It is a non-rebasing, permissionless ERC20 token. USDz is always backed 1:1 by SPCT, which represents RWA as real collateral backing USDz.

Through USDz, users can gain exposure to uncorrelated RWA yields within DeFi. These yields are consistent relative to crypto token prices and as such USDz is an attractive building block within DeFi that all users can build on top of.

Executive Summary

Zellic conducted a security assessment for Anzen Group Ltd. from May 13th to May 15th, 2024. During this engagement, Zellic reviewed Anzen Finance's code for security vulnerabilities, design issues, and general weaknesses in security posture.

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