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The Hyperliquid contributors
November 27, 2023
Prepared by
Filippo CremoneseEngineer[email protected]
Yuhang WuEngineer[email protected]

Hyperliquid is an order-book perpetual futures DEX. Hyperliquid runs on its own L1, a purpose-built blockchain using the Tendermint SDK that is performant enough to operate the whole platform every order, cancel, trade, and liquidation happens transparently on chain with block latency < 1 second.

Executive Summary

Zellic conducted a security assessment for The Hyperliquid contributors from November 23rd to November 24th, 2023. During this engagement, Zellic reviewed Hyperliquid's code for security vulnerabilities, design issues, and general weaknesses in security posture.

The engagement was exclusively focused on the changes made since the previous security assessment, specifically in commits , , and .

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