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Possible gas savings in _jAdd

The method used by _jAdd to calculate the sum of two points given in Jacobian coordinates is to use the formulas termed "add-2007-bl" in the Explicit-Formulas Database. In the EVM, the gas cost of addmod and mulmod is the same, and there is no cheaper way to square or multiply by a power of 2. This makes the formulas termed "add-1998-cmo-2" more efficient. In the verification of the _jAdd formulas we carried out in section ref, the change would correspond to removing factors of two, so that at the end in, for example, case 3, one obtains directly rather than --- both represent the same point on the elliptic curve.

Biconomy Labs was provided a proof of concept patch for this optimization, which saved 1.48% gas when running the Wycheproof test suite.

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