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Add Length Validation for callData in validateSessionUserOp

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In the validateSessionUserOp function, the length check for op.callData is incomplete, and there may be callData with illegal length.

    function validateSessionUserOp(
        UserOperation calldata _op,
        bytes32 _userOpHash,
        bytes calldata _sessionKeyData,
        bytes calldata _sessionKeySignature
    ) external pure override returns (bool) {

        // working with userOp.callData
        // check if the call is to the allowed recepient and amount is not more than allowed
        bytes calldata data;
            uint256 offset = uint256(bytes32(_op.callData[4 + 64:4 + 96]));
            uint256 length = uint256(
                bytes32(_op.callData[4 + offset:4 + offset + 32])
            //we expect data to be the `IERC20.transfer(address, uint256)` calldata
            data = _op.callData[4 + offset + 32:4 + offset + 32 + length];
!        if (address(bytes20(data[16:36])) != recipient) {
            revert("ERC20SV Wrong Recipient");
!        if (uint256(bytes32(data[36:68])) > maxAmount) {
            revert("ERC20SV Max Amount Exceeded");
            ) == sessionKey;


Data without length restrictions may lead to issues such as hash collisions. A hash collision may lead to the ability to arbitrarily forge user messages.


Use abi.decode to get the message length and add a maximum length check on op.callData.


This issue has been acknowledged by Biconomy Labs, and a fix was implemented in commit 3bf128e9.

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