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Possible fees difference between flash and flashLoan

As per the current implementation, the BentoBox has been integrated in the TridentCLPool. Therefore, the inherent flashLoan from BentoBox will be available to users, on top of the previously existing flash from TridentCLPool. Technically the amount of tokens that can be loaned is different between the two contracts. The main reason for that is because BentoBox should handle a greater amount of liquidity than the TridentCLPool, since by design the tokens that TridentCLPool owns are actually stored within the BentoBox, and they can therefore be loaned as part of the BentoBox loan functionality.

Considering the possibility of performing different flashloans from presumably two interconnected contracts, it is important that the fees that each of these loans incur are similar, such that there exists no economic incentive to choose one contract over the other, apart from the need for higher levels of liquidity.

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